As our name suggests, we provide outstanding phone answering and virtual reception services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Operating around the clock and 356 days a year, there are multiple benefits that come with having an experienced and dedicated team to answer calls on your behalf. 
Never miss a call, no matter what 
Even as the world becomes increasingly digital, phone calls will always remain at the heart of corporate communication. The problem is that it can prove almost impossible to always be available at the other end of the line, which is where our phone answering service guarantees complete peace of mind. 
No matter what the time of day or night, our professional team members will always pick up when someone rings your business. Whether you’re in a meeting, visiting a client, out and about, relaxing at home or simply too busy to talk, you can rest assured that we’ll manage every call with absolute precision and attentiveness. 
It’s highly cost-effective 
Hiring a receptionist isn’t just expensive, you also have to factor in periods when they won’t be available to answer the phone. Annual leave, sick days, evenings, weekends, lunch hours and even a quick five minutes whilst they make a cup of tea can result in a vital call being missed, potentially losing you a sale. 
When you choose The Call Answering Company, you know that there’s always a capable representative available. In the process, it works out a lot more affordable than hiring a full-time member of staff, so it really is win-win. 
Exceptional customer service 
Even if someone calls your business at three in the morning on Christmas Day, we’ll be there to handle their enquiry quickly and effectively. There really isn’t any greater peace of mind for a business owner than knowing that no call will ever go unanswered. 
Run a more productive business 
Answering the phone can be very time-consuming, especially when it’s a cold call or a person you’d rather speak to at a later date because you’re currently in the zone. When you have The Call Answering Company supporting your business, your employees gain more time to focus on what they do best. 
We’re confident that your company’s productivity levels will greatly benefit from removing constantly ringing phones from the equation. It can also result in more peaceful and enjoyable working environments, which enhances employee wellbeing. 
Upgrade your company image 
A professional phone answering or virtual reception service adds an extra level of prestige to your business. This can be especially useful for smaller enterprises and start-ups that want to create the illusion of size. We can also use specific greetings, terminology and scripts to suit your brand’s personality, resulting in a stronger company image. 
Eliminate mistakes 
Taking a phone call when you’re super busy can result in the message not being fully digested. It’s also easy to scribble down someone’s contact details, only to then realise you’ve made a mistake. We remove the risk of incorrect information entirely – if you’re too busy for us to transfer the call, we’ll log all of the info and send it to you via your preferred communication method. 
We’re always friendly and helpful 
Everyone at The Call Answering Company has fantastic interpersonal skills and promises to be 100% committed to delivering the very best customer service. It really is as simple as that, so you never have to worry about a caller feeling like they’re being rushed or ignored. 
Give us a call 
To find out more about our flexible and affordable call answering and virtual reception services, get in touch on 0333 800 7365 or fill in our contact form
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