Christmas can be a challenging time to arrange cover for your business communications. With business owners and their employees desperate to take a much-needed break, balanced decisions must be made to ensure your business is open and contactable while allowing rest and recuperation after a hectic year. 
A call answering service this Christmas could offer a gift for your business in more ways than one, and we’ll explore why. 

Build a pipeline 

The most overwhelming benefit of a call answering service over the festive season is the ability for business enquiries to continue flowing. This can help to build a pipeline of work for the New Year, enabling businesses to fill the typical seasonal gaps in demand. Our teams work to set up a bespoke solution to forward enquiries via email, with SMS messages to alert you to the email and organise where to channel enquiries for action within your team. This can mean no usual post-break backlog for teams to work through on the return to work in January. 

Build goodwill and more business 

The ability to pick up an enquiry from a customer or new client can often build goodwill and lead to long-term business. Research shows that 85% of those unanswered calls will not call back. A call answering service can also be affordable and cost-effective, bringing in additional revenue that may have been missed. It also demonstrates reliability and commitment to service levels. 

Keep your people happy 

Of course, no one wants to work over Christmas, but all businesses need a skeleton cover plan that can quickly become overwhelmed. Having a call answering plan in place can help handle any spikes in call volumes and take pressure off those working over Christmas. Customer service remains high, and your people are happier, helping staff retention. 

Take much-needed downtime 

Even the workaholic business owner needs a break over Christmas, whether to spend time with the family or eat Christmas Dinner. Knowing you have a professional backup plan for your important calls to be answered while you rest provides reassurance. Enquiries can be channelled to the relevant departments in the background meaning business as usual. 

A Christmas gift from The Call Answering Company 

Our team of professional virtual receptionists provide a personal response to your callers, keeping the brand you’ve worked hard all year round to build. At The Call Answering Company, we want to help businesses and self-employed executives to enjoy a stress-free festive break by providing a phone answering service from as little as £20 a day. Our professional call handlers work 24/7, 365 days a year, answering calls or managing a live chat feature on your website. To find out more, get in touch. 
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