How does it work? 

We provide you with a DDI (direct dial inwards) number which you divert your phone to.  
Just ask your telephone provider on how to do this or if they can do it for you. 

How much does it cost? 

That will completely depend on which services you require and whether you need a standard package or a bespoke package tailored specifically for your business. 

Do you offer live chat? 

Yes. We provide you with some coding to put onto your website portal, which then allows us to answer your customers’ queries on our chat portal

Do you offer out of hours telephone answering? 

Yes. We offer 24/7 or any hours that your business requires. So we could do just weekends or just evenings – whatever suits your business. 

Can you patch calls through to my mobile and landline? 

Yes we can! 

How do I get my messages? 

We will send you an email with details of who the call was from and why they called. We can also send you an SMS message with the caller’s name and contact number so as to bring the email to your attention. 

What information do you take from callers? 

We can take whatever information you need, whether that be a simple name, contact number and message or more in depth information such as answers to specific questions you require us to ask. All of the relevant information will be in the email we send to you following the call. 

How often will I receive my messages? 

We usually send messages to you immediately after the call has ended. However, messages can be sent according to your preference, i.e. at a specific time of the day. We can also send you a full list of your messages at the end of each day/week/month, either listed within the email or as a spreadsheet attachment. 

Can you book appointments in my online diary? 

Yes we can. You will need to provide us with a link to your online diary together with login credentials and we will schedule appointments according to your instructions. 

Can you use our CRM Software? 

Yes. You will need to provide us with login credentials and training on how to use your CRM software and we are good to go. 

Can you take orders and process payments? 

Yes. We can take orders via email only or by logging into your own software/platform, or we can simply place an order on your website; whichever method you prefer. If you would like us to take payments, you will need to provide us with login credentials and training on your software. 

Do I have to have my phones diverted all of the time? 

Not at all. You can divert your phone whenever you wish as long as we have enough notice. We cover 24/7 so whenever you need telephone cover we are here. For example, if you have specific days and times each week when you are busy we could just cover those periods. 

Can you provide me with a telephone number that I can advertise on my website and other promotional material? 

Yes we can. We can provide you with 01, 02, 03 and 08 virtual telephone numbers. You can have as many numbers as you need and they do not even have to be geographic to where you are based, i.e. if you are based in East Yorkshire, you could still have a London telephone number. 

How do virtual telephone numbers work? 

As these numbers are virtual, you do not need to have a landline to use them. As such, the virtual number can be programmed to divert incoming calls to whatever telephone you prefer, i.e. your mobile, your home/office landline or your answering service. If you only have a mobile phone and do not want to put that number on your business stationary or marketing material, a virtual number is the ideal solution. 

I have a different question! 

No problem! Just get in touch with one of our team today and we'll help as best as we can. 

Onboarding Process 

1. Initial discovery call conducted with you, to ascertain what specific support you need. 
2. Agreement sent to you detailing the service provision discussed and agreed during your discovery call. 
3. Initial set-up document sent, for completion by you. This document contains all of the information we need to set up your account on our software. 
4. Once the signed agreement and completed set-up documents are returned, we will start to set up your account. 
5. During the set-up process, if we have any questions we will email them to you or arrange a call to discuss in more detail. 
We can also arrange to visit your premises in order to meet your team or see your internal processes for ourselves, if you feel this would benefit of our team in any way. 
6. When account set up is complete, test messages will be sent to you by email to (a) confirm that messages are being sent correctly, and (b) enable you to check the layout/content of the messages meets with your approval. 
7. Once you are happy with the format of the messages, we will agree a date for the service to go ‘live’. 
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