Medical and Healthcare Practitioners - never miss a call. 

The demand for healthcare services in the UK is reaching unprecedented levels. Medical and healthcare practitioners are facing a significant surge in demand, which has been amplified by the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. While the impact of the pandemic is gradually subsiding, practitioners and their administrative teams continue to grapple with an ever-increasing workload. 
At our company, we understand that patients expect seamless access to their healthcare practitioners, even outside regular office hours. However, providing round-the-clock service can be financially and logistically impractical for many healthcare professionals. This is where a professional and experienced answering service can make a difference. 
Partner with The Call Answering Company, your trusted ally in healthcare support. Whether you require assistance in augmenting your existing team or need reliable call coverage outside of clinic hours, our tailored support packages are designed to meet your unique business requirements. 
Our comprehensive services include: 
24/7 call answering support to ensure your patients never face unanswered calls 
Efficient call logging into intuitive management portals for seamless organisation 
Streamlined appointment processing and allocation for optimal scheduling 
Prompt action on urgent support requests, ensuring timely assistance 
Providing accurate information about your services and treatments to callers 
At the Call Answering Company, we specialise in providing professional and rapid responses to medical and healthcare service professionals through our 24/7 call answering and virtual reception service. With extensive experience in handling the demands of this sector, we offer you the reassurance you seek. 
By partnering with us, you can expect: 
Utmost confidentiality to safeguard sensitive patient information 
A hand-picked team of experienced virtual receptionists committed to delivering exceptional service 
Support for your own clinic team during busy periods, relieving their workload 
Assistance outside of clinic hours, including nights and weekends, ensuring uninterrupted care 
Flexible support that can be customised to meet your changing needs 
Professional and efficient handling of your calls, leaving a positive impression on callers 
A personalised service that aligns with your unique practice 
A competitive edge in an industry where exceptional customer service is paramount 
Trust The Call Answering Company to help you meet the rising demands of healthcare with unmatched professionalism and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your practice. 
Cost Comparison 
NOTE: This cost comparison is based on a busy private clinic providing pregnancy scans and related services across the Oxfordshire area, for whom we provide a full Virtual Reception Service. We are their only receptionist and answer all of their inbound calls. We provide advice on the types of scans available at the various stages of pregnancy and manage the client’s diary, making, rescheduling and cancelling appointments as required. 
The service is provided from 08:30 until 18:00 Monday to Sunday. 

Employee(s) Monday-Sunday 08:30-18:30 

Average UK Annual Salary £22,000 

Overheads - £11,000 

holiday pay 
maternity/paternity pay 
employer’s NIC & pension contribution 
cover for holidays, sickness, maternity and paternity leave 
wasted/unproductive time (incl. breaks, socialising, sickness, etc.) 
office space/rent/utilities 
equipment, furniture & maintenance 
software licences 


in-house staff 
easier to supervise 
other tasks can be undertaken 
only working in your business 

Productive Days 

Average Operational days per year = 261 
Average Productive Days per year = 156 
(based on 40 hours per week) 
NOTE: Approximately 1.5x FTE will be required to cover the stipulated hours 

Outsourced Virtual Reception Service Monday-Sunday 08:30-18:30 

Average Annual Cost £4,761 

Overheads - £0 



No salary uplift for unsocial hours 
Access to a whole team 
Experienced call handlers 
No downtime (leave/breaks) 
No employer responsibility 
Fully trained on your business 
Calls answered in business name 
For a fraction of the cost of in-house employees, you will have access to an entire team of experienced, friendly and professional virtual receptionists, who will answer your calls as if they were part of your business. 

Productive Days 

Average Weekdays per year = 261 
Average Productive Days per year = 261 
(including VAT) 

Medical and Healthcare Practitioners Case Study. 

Check out our case study with Beard Mill Clinic below! 
To discuss your business requirements, get in touch today! 
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