A virtual telephone number, whether geographical or an 0800/0333/0300 number allows you to present a professional image to clients and customers without the commitment or restriction of a traditional landline.  
Having a business telephone number rather than a mobile number often builds more credibility and trust with prospective customers. Virtual numbers are also a great way to track the origin of new leads into your business, if you use multiple methods of marketing. 
If you do not have an office base or you do not want the expense or restriction of a traditional landline, then a virtual phone number is the perfect option for you.  
Virtual numbers are programmed to automatically transfer calls through to another number, including mobiles. A virtual phone number allows you to easily distinguish between work and personal calls so you can keep business and pleasure separate and answer calls accordingly. 
In today’s busy world, business owners need to take time away from the office and maintain a positive work-life balance. Do you find yourself having to choose between missing what could be an important business call or interrupting a critical task or meeting to answer it? 
We also offer a professional call answering service, available up to 24-hours a day, if you need extra support in answering your inbound calls. 
If you are a local business looking for a national phone number to share with potential new customers, or if you are looking to set-up multiple numbers (geographic or national) with your current system, speak to us today and we will be happy to help. 
Once we understand all your requirements, we can recommend the best solution for you and your business. 

Onboarding Process 

1. Initial discovery call conducted with you, to ascertain what specific support you need. 
2. Agreement sent to you detailing the service provision discussed and agreed during your discovery call. 
3. Initial set-up document sent, for completion by you. This document contains all of the information we need to set up your account on our software. 
4. Once the signed agreement and completed set-up documents are returned, we will start to set up your account. 
5. During the set-up process, if we have any questions we will email them to you or arrange a call to discuss in more detail. 
We can also arrange to visit your premises in order to meet your team or see your internal processes for ourselves, if you feel this would benefit of our team in any way. 
6. When account set up is complete, test messages will be sent to you by email to (a) confirm that messages are being sent correctly, and (b) enable you to check the layout/content of the messages meets with your approval. 
7. Once you are happy with the format of the messages, we will provide you with a number to divert your calls to (DDI number) and agree a date for the service to go ‘live’. 
Call Answering 
Whether you are busy with other tasks or in a meeting, you need never miss another call with our Telephone Answering and Virtual Reception Services, available up to 24/7. 
Our professional and dedicated service is designed to meet your specific needs. 
Holiday Cover 
Are you taking much-needed downtime? Do you want to spend quality, uninterrupted time with your family? Look no further. 
Our flexible holiday cover ensures you can take a break secure in the knowledge that your calls will be answered by us. 
Live Chat Monitoring 
Are you aware that 41% of customers prefer live chat? Live chat on a website can help convert enquiries to sales. 
Our live chat management service provides you with the security of knowing your customers’ enquiries are answered promptly and professionally. 
Disaster Recovery 
Do you have a plan in place to support and protect your business in the event of an unexpected emergency or failure of communications? Every business, no matter how large or small, should have a plan in place. 
Our disaster planning service can help ensure business continuity in a multitude of circumstances. Peace of mind for minimal cost! 
Virtual Numbers 
Do you have a mobile phone number as the main contact on your website/sales literature? 
Having a business number rather than a mobile number builds credibility and trust. However, landlines can be expensive and inconvenient. 
Virtual numbers can provide you with a cost-effective solution. 
Database Cleansing 
Cleansing your database will help you keep in touch with existing and potential customers.  
Calling contacts on your database and initiating a friendly conversation could increase your sales by identifying warm leads. 
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