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Whether your business is a small B&B, a unique boutique hotel or a venue for functions, customer service and satisfaction will no doubt be high on your list of priorities, alongside convenience and choice for your guests. 
Staffing is an ongoing issue for many businesses, particularly at a time when recruitment is difficult. In addition, the need for employees to work unsocial hours can present its own set of issues when it comes to recruitment. 
There is also the cost factor to consider, particularly when it comes to managing your guests’ needs and expectations in an evening, overnight or at weekends. Guests expect a member of hotel staff to always be available to answer their queries and the cost of employing sufficient staff to maintain a 24/7 helpdesk is significant. 
Many smaller hotels and venues are choosing to offer a ‘contactless’ check-in service, with managers and housekeeping staff only being on site during the daytime and outsourcing their telephone calls to a 24/7 answering service. 
Whether you are looking for a partner to provide support to your existing team or one who can answer all of your guests’ calls, The Call Answering Company can tailor a support package to suit your individual business needs. 
Some of the actions we currently take for clients include: 
• Providing 24/7 support 
• Liaising with out-of-hours support teams, i.e. maintenance, hotel management, etc. 
• Dealing appropriately with calls from current and future guests 
• Taking, amending and cancelling guest bookings 
• Assisting guests with hotel access queries 
• Providing advice to guests in relation to hotel amenities/facilities 
• Actioning guests’ requests for additional services, i.e. housekeeping, etc. 
• Directing guests to local facilities, i.e. pubs, restaurants, shopping, etc. 
The Call Answering Company provide a professional and rapid response to our hospitality customers through our 24/7 virtual reception service, where we are experienced in handling the demands of this sector. 
We provide the reassurance of: 
• Complete confidentiality 
• A hand-picked team of experienced virtual receptionists 
• The ability to manage busy periods 
• Unsocial hours support such as overnight, weekends, etc. 
• The flexibility to turn your support on or off as required 
• The ability to ensure your business works efficiently without distraction 
• A competitive edge within an industry where customer service is critical 
Cost Comparison 
This cost comparison is based on a client who runs a boutique hotel and for whom we provide a 24/7 Virtual Reception Service - answering overflow inbound calls received during office hours and all calls received outside of normal office hours, dealing with enquiries from prospective and existing guests and actioning appropriately. 
Although the client has a 24/7 service, we provide overflow cover during normal office hours and full cover outside of office hours. The cost comparison below is therefore based only on the service provided outside of office hours. 

Employee(s) Monday-Thursday 17:00-08:30 (each day) from 17:00 Friday to 08:30 Monday (incl.) 

Average UK Annual Salary £22,000 

Overheads - £11,000 

holiday pay 
maternity/paternity pay 
employer’s NIC & pension contribution 
cover for holidays, sickness, maternity and paternity leave 
wasted/unproductive time (incl. breaks, socialising, sickness, etc.) 
office space/rent/utilities 
equipment, furniture & maintenance 
software licences 


in-house staff 
easier to supervise 
other tasks can be undertaken 
only working in your business 

Productive Days 

Average Weekdays per year = 261 
Average Productive Days per year = 156 
(based on 40 hours per week) 
NOTE: A minimum of 3x FTE will be required to cover the above hours 

Outsourced Virtual Reception Service Monday-Thursday 17:00-08:30 (each day) from 17:00 Friday to 08:30 Monday (incl.) 

Average Annual Cost £4,317 

Overheads - £0 



No salary uplift for unsocial hours 
Access to a whole team 
Experienced call handlers 
No downtime (leave/breaks) 
No employer responsibility 
Fully trained on your business 
Calls answered in business name 
For a fraction of the cost of in-house employees, you will have access to an entire team of experienced, friendly and professional virtual receptionists, who will answer your calls as if they were part of your business. 

Productive Days 

Average Weekdays per year = 261 
Average Productive Days per year = 261 
(including VAT) 

Hospitality Case Study. 

Check out our case study with Green Ginger House below! 
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