Wellbeing Service Providers. 

With all of the issues that people faced with the Covid pandemic, wellbeing and mental health issues are at the forefront of everybody’s mind. 
More employers than ever are recognising that this is a serious and widespread issue and are revising and/or implementing policies and procedures to enable them to provide improved health and wellbeing support to their employees. 
Today’s wellbeing sector is growing rapidly and customers will choose their wellbeing service provider based on their reputation to deliver responsive and excellent customer service. 
Wellbeing support services are often required 24/7, 365 days a year and finding the right team to answer calls in an empathetic, intuitive and responsive way can be a challenge, particularly in current times of staff shortages and ongoing business pressures. 
Whether you are looking for a partner to provide support to your existing team or one who can answer all of your helpline calls, The Call Answering Company can tailor a support package to suit your individual business needs. 
Some of the actions we currently take for clients include: 
Providing 24/7 helpline support 
Logging calls into management portals 
Processing and allocating appointments 
Actioning crisis calls and requests for urgent support 
Providing general information to callers about the service 
Liaising with members of clients’ management teams 
Dealing with calls from customers and members of the public 
The Call Answering Company provide a professional and rapid response to our wellbeing service customers through our 24/7 call answering and virtual reception service, where we are experienced in handling the demands of this sector. 
We provide the reassurance of: 
A hand-picked team of virtual receptionists 
The ability to manage busy periods 
Unsocial hours support, such as nights or weekends 
Flexibility to turn support on or off as required 
The ability to ensure the business works efficiently without distraction 
A competitive edge within an industry where customer service is critical 
Cost Comparison – Wellbeing Services 
This cost comparison is based on an extremely busy client whose company provides wellbeing services for other employers. We provide a 24/7 Virtual Reception Service, with our team monitoring all of our client’s helplines, answering all calls received during and outside office hours and making outbound calls as required. 
Logging into our client’s own management portal, our team take specific details from the callers and process requests according to our client’s service requirements. Our team are often required to deal with calls from people who are distressed, angry, upset or worried and, based on what the caller says, determine whether emergency support is required. 
This service is provided 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Employee(s) Full 24/7 Service 

Average UK Annual Salary £22,000 

Overheads - £11,000 

holiday pay 
maternity/paternity pay 
employer’s NIC & pension contribution 
cover for holidays, sickness, maternity and paternity leave 
wasted/unproductive time (incl. breaks, socialising, sickness, etc.) 
office space/rent/utilities 
equipment, furniture & maintenance 
software licences 


in-house staff 
easier to supervise 
other tasks can be undertaken 
only working in your business 

Productive Days 

Average Weekdays per year = 261 
Average Productive Days per year = 156 
(based on 40 hours per week) 
NOTE: Approximately 4.5x FTE will be required to cover 24/7 

Outsourced Virtual Reception Service Full 24/7 Service 

Average Annual Cost £37,025 

Overheads - £0 



No salary uplift for unsocial hours 
Access to a whole team 
Experienced call handlers 
No downtime (leave/breaks) 
No employer responsibility 
Fully trained on your business 
Calls answered in business name 
For a fraction of the cost of in-house employees, you will have access to an entire team of experienced, friendly and professional virtual receptionists, who will answer your calls as if they were part of your business. 

Productive Days 

Average Weekdays per year = 261 
Average Productive Days per year = 261 
(including VAT) 

Wellbeing Service Provider Case Study. 

Check out our case study with Wellbeing Solutions below! 
To discuss your business requirements, get in touch today! 
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