You may be considering a call answering service for your business for many reasons, from struggling to find the right people or keeping up with the volume of calls your business receives. At the same time, you may have reservations about a call answering service based on various common misconceptions. We’re here to bust some of the myths about call answering and explain why it can bring many benefits for your business. 


Many businesses will look simply at the cost of a call answering service on their overheads when the financial impact can be positive. Let's explore why. A good call answering provider will assess your unique requirements and provide a bespoke package and price to suit your needs. Overall, this can be more cost-effective when comparing the employment costs, including salary, employers' National Insurance, holiday pay and sick pay – particularly for those organisations where out-of-hours or evenings, weekends and bank holidays require cover. In addition, lost opportunities are costly due to missing calls. 
It is estimated that businesses in the UK lose over £30 billion a year in revenue due to missed calls. The potential for existing clients to reach you and receive good service is a financial benefit. Visit our Pricing Structure page for some current market comparisons to demonstrate this. 
A Call Answering company won't care about my business 
A good call answering service will work with you to ensure their team of virtual receptionists/call handlers are fully trained on your business, enabling them to provide a high level of customer service. A smaller call answering service, as opposed to a large call centre, will work with a smaller number of clients and, like ourselves, treat your business as their own, getting to know your business, its processes and clients to provide seamless and high quality support. 
A Call Answering service might put clients and potential clients off 
Around 85% of people whose calls go answered will not call your business back. People prefer to speak to someone knowing a message has been received rather than leave a voicemail. Potential clients calling may also wonder about your ability to meet their needs and standards if a call takes too long to be answered or they do not get a response at all. A good call-answering service provider will ensure that your callers experience the same high level of customer service that you expect from your own employees. The service is confidential and callers are not informed that they are speaking to an answering service. 
Some organisations providing a similar service may operate call centres in overseas locations, meaning your callers' experience is not aligned with your business – be sure to check this when talking to any providers. 
My company is too big or too small for a call answering service 
The most common misconception regarding a call answering service is around company size when businesses of all sizes can benefit hugely. 
A small business may be unable to afford a dedicated receptionist or provide enough work for them to warrant a permanent role. In these circumstances, a call answering service is invaluable. 
Larger or medium-sized businesses may have a reception or switchboard but struggle with call volume during busy periods as well as covering outside of office hours. 
A call answering service can be critical for all businesses to ensure calls are answered and revenue is not lost. 
Many organisations across several sectors trust The Call Answering Company to handle their telephone calls. Get in touch today to discuss your needs with us and find out why our service can have a positive impact on your business. 
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