Deciding on whether to outsource your call answering while you or members of your team are on holiday depends on several factors and your individual business needs. 
Here at The Call Answering Company, we have compiled our advice and guidance based on our vast experience to help you decide whether an outsourced holiday cover service can be of value to your business this summer. 

What are your call volumes? 

At typical shutdown times, such as Christmas and Easter, many businesses may experience fewer calls. However, during the summer, business can be as busy as ever, and general methods for managing absence, such as auto responses and recorded messages, may not be the right solution. Added to this are the sporadic times that members of your team take a holiday, including some at the same time. If call volumes are expected to be high, outsourcing your call answering can ensure your customers receive a prompt response and business as usual. 

How important is an immediate response? 

How urgent or important are the calls that your business receives? Depending on your industry, an immediate response or real-time assistance may be crucial to maintain high levels of customer service. Maintaining high service levels, particularly in competitive industries and absence, can take time and effort. By outsourcing your call answering over the holiday period, you can ensure a minimised impact on customer service levels, safe in the knowledge that a response is handled. 

How are your staffing levels? 

Is it essential to assess the availability and capability of your team to handle additional calls during periods of leave. If you manage a small team, they may need help managing other call responsibilities while maintaining service levels. Outsourcing on a flexible basis can provide much-needed relief and avoid further absences or reductions in service levels should the existing team become overwhelmed. 

What is the cost of lost business? 

It is a crucial business exercise to evaluate the cost implications of outsourcing your call answering versus the potential impact on your business if calls are left unanswered. Consider the potential loss of sales or customer enquiries if service levels are neglected and the additional cost of training team members to cover during holidays. A short-term holiday cover package could save your business long-term by ensuring costs are not missed and service levels are maintained. 

Are you handling secure and sensitive information? 

Security measures and protocols for handling sensitive customer information are essential in some sectors. To manage this, a business may need to arrange additional training for in-house personnel to ensure standards are met, which may come at a cost. A reputable and trustworthy call-answering service provider will have a track record of maintaining strict confidentiality and response times to offer your business a flexible solution for managing your absences. 
Ultimately, outsourcing call answering to cover holidays depends on your individual business and priorities. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help manage your summer holidays, get in touch today. 
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